Breast Cancer Screening Market is expected to be more than US$ 20 Billion by 2022

Breast cancer is the 2nd most common cancer among the women in the world. Number of breast cancer cases in less developed regions is higher than developed regions. Breast cancer mammography screening population is mainly dominated by larger women populous countries such as United States, China and Japan. Worldwide Breast Cancer Ultrasound and MRI Screening Market is also growing year on year.

Mammogram is one of the most popular breast cancer screening methods. It does not prevent from the cancer but it can save lives by finding cancer as early as possible. Most of the countries, mammogram is incorporated with government breast cancer screening program. In the Less developed and developing countries, mammogram is on the way to be adopted by government.

Breast cancer MRI screening market is mostly dominated by the developed countries as it is a costly procedure. United States, France and Germany control over half of the total breast cancer MRI screening market in 2016. United Kingdom, Italy, Canada are other major market for this test.

Breast cancer awareness in low and middle income countries is low. In these countries, government has no proper program for breast cancer screening and due to lack of government support, women in these countries not aware about the breast cancer as a deadly disease. They are trying to hide their problem due to social and cultural issues. Non-availability of lady doctors is also playing a major role to increase the disease in the region.

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1. Executive Summary

2. Worldwide Screening Population Analysis

3. Worldwide Breast Cancer Screening Market Analysis

4. Worldwide Breast Cancer Screening Population & Market Share Analysis

5. Worldwide Breast Cancer Screening Market Share Analysis

6. United Kingdom

7. France

8. Germany

9. Italy

10. Spain

11. Switzerland

12. Norway

13. Netherlands

14. United States

15. Canada

16. Japan

17. Korea

18. Singapore

19. Malaysia

20. India

21. China

22. Thailand

23. Brazil

24. Australia

25. New Zealand

26. Breast Cancer Screening Market Growth Drivers

27. Breast Cancer Screening Market Challenges

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