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[junkie-alert style=”grey”] AccuVein’s flagship product, the AV400, helps healthcare professionals locate veins by displaying a map of the patient’s vasculature directly on the surface of the skin. Locating peripheral vasculature is invaluable for anesthesiologists and other healthcare professionals who need to start IV’s. The device also facilitates accessing veins for blood draws, sclerotherapy procedures and avoiding veins in cosmetic procedures, helping to minimize bruising.[/junkie-alert]

AccuVein’s V.P. of Marketing, Vinny Luciano remarked: “AccuVein’s leading vein visualization technology is being embraced by anesthesiologists around the globe for medical and dental procedures.” “Our participation in The Anesthesiology Annual Meeting will help us continue to make inroads in this important market,”  concluded Luciano

The Anesthesiology Annual Meeting attendees can see the AccuVein AV400 at AccuVein’s booth #3532.