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Adagio Medical Reports Pre-clinical Effectiveness Combining their Existing Ultra-low Temperature Cryoablation Catheter with Pulsed Field Ablation in a Single Pulsed Field Cryoablation Catheter

"Our goal is to lead the innovation and development of true continuous, transmural lesions anywhere in the heart.  Our primary technologies under development have been ultra-low temperature cryo (ULTC) and electroporation (PFA)," said Olav Bergheim, President and CEO of Adagio Medical.

First Persistent Atrial Fibrillation Patient With One Shot+™ Cryoablation Catheter

The company reports the first PsAF patient was successfully treated with its new One Shot+™ cryoablation catheter in a procedure that utilizes only anatomical markers with limited usage of fluorographic imaging and eliminates the need for electromagnetic mapping.