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Aesthetics Biomedical Introduces Vivace 3D Precision – An Optimized, Layered, and Precise Approach to RF Microneedling Treatments

Aesthetics Biomedical, Inc., the innovators behind Vivace RF Microneedling Experience and the use of radio frequency technology, in partnership with its physician network, is advancing the Vivace 3D Precision Treatment concept. A layered treatment technique that further optimizes the clinical outcomes and patient experience that has made the Vivace RF Microneedle one of the fastest growing minimally-invasive skin treatments.

“As we know, one of the many benefits to RF microneedling is the ability to go to depths lasers cannot” says MaryAnn Guerra, Co-Founder and CEO of Aesthetics Biomedical. “Advancing our treatment protocols to offer a multi-layered approach in Vivace 3D further differentiates our technology from other RF Microneedling devices on the market.”

Vivace 3D Precision promises to deliver optimal energy to multiple layers of the skin without compromising patient comfort and experience – and only Vivace is designed to deliver this treatment. The robotically controlled handpiece allows a provider to deliver energy at exact depths and the insulated needles deliver the highest available radiofrequency tightening benefits at these precise depths. “We have done over 1,000 Vivace treatments in the last year, and it’s the most successful energy-based technology we have ever launched in our practice” states Jordana Herschthal, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Boca Raton, FL. “We have found the 3D Precision-layered approach to get even more dramatic results while maintaining a virtually pain-free experience for the patients.”

Aesthetics Biomedical recently completed a comprehensive in-vivo study looking at the thermal damage occurring with RF at depths of penetration from .5 mm to 6.0 mm, at multiple power levels, using insulated and non-insulated needles. Histological evaluation revealed welldefined consistent electrocoagulation at multiple depths and multiple power levels. The thermal damage serves as the genesis for new reparative collagen and elastin formation, leading to the desired cosmetic effect. The results of this study are the basis for the Vivace 3D Precision approach designed to improve treatment protocols, including the movement away from the use of non-insulated needles to achieve more optimal treatment outcomes. “We are excited about study results and will be publishing these research outcomes in the near future,” says Lawrence Rheins, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Aesthetics Biomedical.

Eric Jantze, CEO, National Aesthetics and Lasers added his perspective based on his broad knowledge of the laser field. “I have had extensive experience with 5 other RF micro-needling devices over the past 4 years and the Vivace is absolutely the best device I have ever used. With the insulated needle I can keep all of the energy in a small isolated area, therefore I can achieve higher temperatures and better tissue coagulation, he stated. “I have been using high energies and multiple depth passes with the insulated needles and getting fantastic results for volume, acne scars, active acne and wrinkles.”
Michael DeWolfe, MD, board certified plastic surgeon in Chicago, IL weighed in “In less than 1 year with Vivace we have treated 300 patients with consistent, durable results. We have transitioned our treatment technique to utilize Vivace 3D Precision to obtain increased tightening and toning by targeting specific layers of the epidermis and dermis with insulated needles that are safe for more skin types.”

Vivace has reinvigorated the RF Microneedling market with well over 400 systems installed across the US in less than 3 years. Providers have chosen The Vivace Experience over other devices because of its versatility, precision and most notably, the optimal experience that it offers patients driving consumer demand for the treatment. The Vivace 3D Precision approach will allow providers to continue to raise the bar, increase the skin tightening benefits for their patients and further differentiate what their practice can offer with their Vivace RF Microneedling device.

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