AHNP Precision Health Acquires MPI Cognition Dementia Business

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July 6, 2018: AHNP Precision Health is announcing its acquisition of the MPI Cognition dementia business in order to rapidly bring a ground-breaking Alzheimer’s treatment protocol designed by the leading Alzheimer’s researcher to the market.

Dale Bredesen MD, Founder, Co-Chairman, and Chief Science Officer of MPI Cognition is the best-selling author of the highly-acclaimed book, The End of Alzheimer’s. His 30 years of research at UCLA and the Buck Institute into the causes of Alzheimer’s has led to new understandings of the interventions needed for the prevention and treatment of the disease which affects roughly 5.5 million Americans, and nearly 44 million people around the world. His book outlines the science of the protocol, reviews his successful work with patients, and lays out the behavioral, dietary, and supplementation regimen that are at the heart of the treatment.

As part of the acquisition, Dr. Bredesen will be joining AHNP as Chief Scientist for Brain Health at AHNP and as a member of the Board. “Alzheimer’s disease is now one of the leading causes of death in the United States, and we have shown that computer-based algorithms can be powerful allies in the prevention and reversal of cognitive decline. The outstanding team at AHNP will bring about optimization and scaling of this approach, reaching so many who are in critical need of prevention or reversal of cognitive decline,” says Bredesen.

“All of us at AHNP believe that we are at the beginning of a revolution in understanding, preventing, and treating epidemic chronic disease. Our part in this revolution is to offer a new synthesis of diagnostics, technology, education, coaching, and behavior change methodology for physicians, clients, and patients. Having Dr. Bredesen join our team is a giant step forward for AHNP, but more importantly, for the thousands of people who want to take a strong stand against cognitive decline,” said Steve Baumgartner, CEO and Co-Chairman of the Board of AHNP.

“We are thrilled to be combining Dr. Bredesen’s groundbreaking science with the AHNP technology platform to build accessible products that will help people prevent, manage, and reverse the symptoms of cognitive decline worldwide,” says Lance Kelly, CTO and Co-Chairman of the Board of AHNP.

The acquisition of MPI Cognition’s business is designed to bring multi-modal treatment to thousands initially and then hundreds of thousands of clients, patients, and their physicians over the course of the next few years through a series of products built on AHNP’s sophisticated technology platform and a ground-breaking, integrated human platform.



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