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Allcure Kangtai Selects Mevion Compact Proton Therapy System to Equip Hospital in Southwest China

Today Mevion Medical Systems announced today they signed a contract with Allcure Kangtai Proton Technology Co., Ltd. in China for the purchase of a MEVION S250i Proton Therapy System® with HYPERSCAN® Pencil Beam Scanning technology in late December. This was the fourth system sold by Mevion in 2018 and the first sale by Mevion in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mevion notes they are the first company to innovate this new approach to proton therapy and continues to transform the industry and patient care with HYPERSCAN Pencil Beam Scanning.

Cleared by the FDA in 2017, HYPERSCAN improves on existing scanning capabilities to deliver conformal fields of therapeutic radiation therapy to tumors faster and with more precision.

Tina Yu, CEO of Mevion Medical Systems said, “Mevion is proud to partner with Allcure Kangtai to deliver advanced proton therapy systems for Chinese cancer patients. Our proton systems have been installed and are treating patients in leading cancer centers in Europe and the U.S. ” She concluded, “Today, nearly 80 percent of active single-room compact proton centers in the U.S. use Mevion systems. We look forward to becoming the preferred partner for leading cancer centers in the Asia-Pacific region as well.”

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