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CoolSculpting® and Sonja Morgan Partner to Talk Bikini Denial

3/20/19: Bikini Denial identifies the feeling that many woman get when realizing that swimsuit season has snuck up on her and she is not prepared to bare it all at the beach or pool until she frees herself of stubborn fat. According to a recent survey, the most common area women feel self-conscious about is their belly1. CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared to reduce fat in the abdomen area, along with eight other areas of the body, and can target that unwanted fat without surgery and little to no downtime.

Allergan Announces Launch of the TrueTear® Intranasal Neurostimulation Device During 2018 ASCRS-ASOA Annual Meeting

4/13/18: Company reports innovative technology offers a drug-free & drop-free option for patients suffering from inadequate tear production.