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Amaranth Medical, Inc

    Amaranth Medical, Inc. is a medical device company which has created a novel technology platform for the development and manufacturing of fully bioresorbable scaffolds. The Company’s products include the 150-micron FORTITUDE® scaffold; 115-micron APTITUDE®, for which a CE Mark application has been submitted; the 98-micron MAGNITUDE®; and DEFIANCE™, an 85-micron scaffold that is expected to enter clinical studies in 2019. Each are designed to afford the strength of metal stents to assist the artery during the remodeling process following an interventional procedure, without leaving behind a permanent implant with inherent clinical limitations. Amaranth Medical is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and its research and manufacturing operations are located both in Singapore and at its Silicon Valley headquarters. Amaranth Medical is led by Kamal Ramzipoor, and its investors include Boston Scientific, Charter Life Sciences, Bio*One Capital, Philip Private Equity, DCP Management and Venstar Capital.