Anatomage is introducing a new 3D prosection data series to the Anatomage Table’s collection. Anatomage specializes in creating 3D content developed from real human anatomy and already has photorealistic 3D cadaver cases available on the Table. This new content provides students with prepared prosection cadaver states typically found in medical school dissection labs.

With this new 3D data collection, students will still have the opportunity to view, engage, and interact with medical school-level material, mirroring the medical school dissection experience. The addition of 3D prosections will give Table users access to an entirely new level of realistic cadaver-based education.

The addition of prosection content brings students face-to-face with even more medical school course material. Anatomy prosections that are normally only viewed in cadaver labs will now be available in the Table’s library. Students can experience realistic cadaver dissection without suffering from chemical fumes, time consuming cadaver preparation, and mistakes leading to poor results. The data was created by Anatomage’s exclusive photo scanning technology and was developed in collaboration with a leading medical school.

Students will be able to instantly access 3D prosection content from 80 regions across the body. Unlike a real cadaver, the material is reusable, readily prepared, annotatable, and accessible for classroom sessions. They’ll have the opportunity to interact with high-level prosection material without being in a cadaver lab. With the addition of this content, students will have a medical school dissection experience directly on the Table.

“By including real-life 3D prosections on the Anatomage Table, we’re taking another step forward in providing schools with the most advanced medical school-level content without the cost of dissection labs,” said Jack Choi, CEO of Anatomage.

The new cadaver prosection 3D data will be available on the upcoming Table 6.0 software update.