4/25/19: Animal Welfare and Good Business Go Hand in Hand

Medical Ethics Pty Ltd (“Medical Ethics” or “the Group”), a commercial and development company focused on pain mitigation in wounds for humans and animals, announces that it has partnered with Winterbotham Darby, a market leader in the innovation and supply of continental meats, to raise awareness to ensure better animal care standards in the food industry and show that animal welfare can go hand in hand with good business.

This year’s Animal Health and Welfare Day, hosted between Winterbotham Darby and the University of Bristol’s School of Veterinary Sciences, was dedicated to sharing methods, technology and programmes that are at the forefront of animal welfare in the supply and manufacturing of food. The event showcased a variety of collaborations between academia and industry, attracting attendance from businesses, charities, major retailers and production partners. Presentations during the fourth annual event demonstrated the pressing need to improve the welfare of commercial livestock and highlighted the dedication and passion within the industry towards enhancing animal health.

Recognised by leading veterinarians and animal welfare scientists, Medical Ethics was recognised as the first and only company to develop a safe and cost-effective solution for animals to overcome the pain associated with surgical procedures, a key priority in improving animal welfare. Tri-Solfen®, Medical Ethics’ innovative spray and stay topical local anaesthetic and antiseptic gel, is designed to adhere to wounds to provide rapid onset numbing with prolonged analgesia effects. It also contains active ingredients designed to minimise bleeding, protect against infection, coat the wound and promote healing.

In collaboration Medical Ethics and Winterbotham Darby have created the following video about the potential global role of Tri-Solfen® in improving animal care – https://medicalethics.me/multimedia/1128/

Allan Giffard, Managing Director of Medical Ethics, commented: “It is great to hear that Tri-Solfen® is recognised by key industry leaders, such as Winterbotham Darby, as an important component in an ethical farming industry. It reinforces our belief in Tri-Solfen® as a practical pain management solution, for accidental wounds and those created by surgery, in livestock and companion animals. The product has already been used with over 100 million animals across New Zealand and Australia, and we strongly believe it has the potential to fill a large unmet need in all global markets.”

Susie White, Communications Manager of Winterbotham Darby, added: “By taking the approach to unite the whole supply chain, from farmer and producer to customer, we have made significant progress in improving farm animal welfare across Europe. Treating animals in the best way that we can is of upmost importance to us, and this involves reducing pain during necessary surgical procedures whenever possible. As the ethical production and manufacturing of food is high on the public and personal agenda, any product that helps with improving animal care, such as Tri-Solfen®, should be considered for use when raising livestock.”


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