December 18, 2018

Today ARANZ Medical Limited announces the closing of a NZ$5million equity financing.

ARANZ Medical CEO Bruce Davey said , “I’m delighted to announce this investment in our company. Our imaging solutions help improve clinical outcomes for many people with chronic skin conditions, and we are dedicated to delighting our practitioners and patients with continuous improvements. The current financing will be used to deepen our sales and marketing activities in key markets, to further our product innovation, and to grow our IP portfolio. With this equity financing, the full NZ$2.9million of previously-placed debt financing converted to equity.”

ARANZ Medical’s Silhouette system automates the imaging, measurement and documentation of skin conditions, including chronic wounds. The Silhouette system eliminates operator variability and provides consistent and accurate data for easy analysis. Utilizing Silhouette in clinical practice, health care practitioners are able to rapidly assess longitudinal wound-healing, and to adjust therapy as needed. Used in clinical trials, broad sets of patient wound-healing data can be rapidly and accurately analyzed with the Silhouette system.  Silhouette is used in more than 35 countries in both clinical research and clinical practice, with many healthcare providers now utilizing Silhouette in their telehealth services.