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Silverlon Antimicrobial Dressings Demonstrate Kill Rate of Candida Auris Superbug at 99.999% Reduction in 3 Hours

“Results from our testing indicate our silver-plated nylon dressings can quickly kill C. Auris,” said Amanda Budak, PhD, RN clinical director of Argentum Medical. “We are pleased that lab results show Silverlon to be an effective tool against this dangerous pathogen.”

Argentum Medical Leads the Way: Company Awarded $8.4M BARDA Contract for Silverlon Wound Technology to Prepare U.S. for Nuclear and Radiation Emergencies

1/24/19: Raul Brizuela is the president and CEO of Argentum Medical, a privately held company that has pioneered the company’s Silverlon antimicrobial wound-care technology. Dr. David Barillo, the principal investigator for the BARDA contract, is a burn and trauma surgeon and former chief of the U.S. Army Burn Flight Team, U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research and U.S. Army Burn Center. He currently serves as Argentum’s medical director.