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Wednesday, July 6, 2022



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As Businesses Begin to Open Yates Enterprises is Offering Temperature Detectors to Help Protect Against COVID-19

Yates Enterprises is one of the first U.S. companies to offer a variety of temperature detectors that can help safeguard the public during the COVID-19 pandemic, and assist businesses, schools, and other organizations in reopening once shelter-in-place bans are lifted.

The company’s founder and CEO, William Yates, MD, anticipated COVID-19 would become a serious public health issue in the U.S. early on. In December 2019, he began searching for practical safety measures that could help protect people from the virus. In January 2020, the Chicago-based company began offering a line of COVID-19 protection products that use the highest quality and most precise temperature sensors on the market today.

“When business is allowed to resume, it will be in a form we are not accustomed to,” Dr.  William Yates said. “What will the new normal look like? It must include fast, efficient safeguards to protect people. Because fever is the only COVID-19 symptom that can be measured, temperature detectors are an effective way to help prevent the spread of this infectious disease.”

The safe, efficient and easy-to-use temperature detectors Yates Enterprise is providing have become standard in countries such as China and South Korea as they reopened after their stay-at-home-orders were lifted. The devices accurately and rapidly measure the body temperature of people entering a facility. Employees standing six-feet apart and wearing masks approach the detector one at a time, placing their forehead or wrist a couple of inches from the sensor. If their temperature is normal, they are free to pass. If an alarm sounds, the employee is screened again with a handheld infrared forehead thermometer. If his or her temperature still exceeds the company’s standard, the employee is sent home. This helps keep potentially ill employees from infecting coworkers and patrons.

Mazzone Pasta of Bloomingdale, Ill., manufactures pasta products for grocery stores and restaurants around the country.  Company president Carl Mazzone said the thermal scanners installed at their production facility are critical for his business.

“The heart and soul of every operation is your employees.  You have to take their safety seriously and you have to give them peace of mind that your company is doing everything possible to protect them and keep them safe,” he said. “The temperature detector is an efficient way for us and other businesses to do this. ”

Yates Enterprises’ COVID-19 protection products include:

  • Portable Infrared Non-Contact Thermal Detector – Mounted on the wall near a building’s entrance. Can rapidly detect body surface temperature from a safe distance without physical contact. In addition to a green light signifying in-range temperatures and a red light indicating out-of-range body temperatures, the system also uses voice warnings. The sensor also can be integrated into walk through metal detectors, ordinary doors, and intelligent access control systems.
  • Portable Infrared Non-Contact Thermal & Facial Detector – Combines infrared temperature measurement with 3-in-1 facial recognition. Intelligent analysis records date, time, body temperature and other details of employees entering facilities.
  • Walk Through Non-Contact Thermal Detector – Maintains social distancing, while ensuring rapid screening of those who may be ill. It features a large digital display and sounding alarm system. Measurement is taken two inches from the sensor at a rate of one second per person.
  • Thermal Temperature Monitoring System – A faster, more sanitary way to identify a person with an elevated temperature in a group of up to 50 people. The system captures the person’s identity automatically with the facial recognition feature, and immediately sends an alert.
  • Infrared Forehead Thermometers – Provide secondary screening with the Walk Through Temperature Scanners and other screening in smaller-scale environments.

To date, the company has sold temperature detectors to food service warehouses, bakeries, manufacturing plants, big box stores, nonprofit organizations and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Yates Enterprise is also looking to donate Temperature Detectors to selected nonprofits in cities across the country.

The company recommends ordering its COVID-19 protection products two to four weeks prior to reopening.

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