Ascyrus Medical LLC. Recruits Top Aortic Device Industry Leader

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Ascyrus Medical LLC, the developer of novel therapies for the treatment of aortic dissection, has appointed Mr. Philip Nowell as Senior Vice President of Global Business Strategy and to the Board of Managers. The addition of Mr. Nowell to the Executive Management Team is an important reflection of the growth and expansion of the commercial infrastructure of Ascyrus Medical LLC.

“The appointment of Mr. Nowell is a very exciting and key development in preparing for the launch and commercialization of the Ascyrus Medical Dissection Stent (AMDS) and the growth of Ascyrus Medical,” said Dr. Ali Shahriari, President and CEO of Ascyrus Medical LLC. Dr. Shahriari further added, “Mr. Nowell brings decades of medical device industry knowledge and expertise, in particular in the field of treatment of aortic diseases and his addition to our team is a significant milestone for Ascyrus Medical.”

Discussing his appointment, Mr. Philip Nowell stated, “I am both excited and honored to be joining the commercial team at Ascyrus Medical. Dr. Shahriari and I make a great team, we share a passion for seeking solutions to aortic dissection and have formed a great clinical & commercial collaboration. Finding a solution to Type A dissection is an unresolved issue for me. I look forward to helping Ascyrus Medical drive forward to offer patients, their families and their doctors, solutions to Type A dissection.”

Dr. Shahriari further added: “We are extremely excited about being on the verge of changing the standard of care for patients with DeBakey I (type A) dissections for the first time in decades, and the addition of Mr. Nowell to the Ascyrus team will ensure a very effective pathway to bring this game changing therapy to all the patients suffering from acute aortic dissections.”

Philip Nowell
Mr. Nowell’s experience includes the successful launch and scale-up of two disruptive medical device technologies that established new clinical gold standards on a global basis.

Mr. Nowell was involved in the laparoscopic/thoracoscopic technology launched as Ethicon-Endosurgery at Johnson & Johnson and the world-leading aortic stent endografting technology launched as Aortic Interventions at Cook Medical.

With ten years leadership experience guiding the global scale-up of Cook Medical’s aortic stent endograft business, Mr. Nowell has developed extensive expertise in the aortic device commercialization space. Starting in 2004, Philip built the North American sales network for the aortic business at Cook Medical before moving into the global leadership role in the AI SBU responsible for all aspects of the business across 80 countries.

In addition to medical devices, Mr. Nowell’s commercial career has included sales & marketing, business development, acquisition & merger and Executive roles across pathology, private hospitals and medical centres. Philip’s health sector commercial experiences are complemented by his clinical practice experience earlier in his career before moving into industry.

Mr. Nowell’s global healthcare experience has developed clinical, health service & medical device expertise. A broad health service perspective combined with industry leadership & experience in the aortic commercial space makes Mr. Nowell’s expertise of great value to Ascyrus Medical LLC.



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