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Saturday, July 2, 2022



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Biocoat Launches HYDAK® UV

The New Version of its Original HYDAK® Coating is Designed to be Cured Using Ultraviolet (UV) Light, Allowing for Flexible Integration with industry-standard UV Coating Systems

Biocoat reports the innovative coating is built on the proven bi-laminar platform that is used in Biocoat’s existing thermal heat cure coating technology.

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“Biocoat is the only hydrophilic coating provider that can provide industry-leading performance in lubricity, durability, and particulates for both UV and thermal hydrophilic coatings,” said Dr. Bob Hergenrother, Biocoat’s Senior Director of Research & Development. “Our proprietary, internally developed UV coatings are built on the same bi-laminar coating platform currently being used on leading neurovascular, cardiovascular, and ophthalmic devices in over 160 countries around the world.”

“Biocoat is at the forefront of developing coating solutions to meet the increasing demands of our customers who are developing cutting-edge medical devices.  The introduction of HYDAK® UV positions Biocoat as the premier provider of hydrophilic coatings,” said Jim Moran, Biocoat’s President, and CEO.  “By working directly with our customers to understand their needs, we’ve developed a UV coating that maximizes device performance, and we’ve designed a manufacturing process that allows them to use their current in-house equipment. In addition, Biocoat will extend our in-house coating services to offer both UV and Thermal Coating Services.”

Scott Cramer, Chairman of Biocoat added, “We believe that the future growth of Biocoat will be a direct result of simplifying the development process for our customers.  The introduction of HYDAK® UV and the launch of the Contract Coating Services Unit were strategic initiatives specifically designed to improve Biocoat’s complete service offering.”

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