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Bioself Technology in the U.K. Accelerates with Sensate II Launch

BioSelf Technology aims to buck current start-up business trends with stress-busting consumer wearable, originally created for PTSD sufferers.

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Following the sellout success of its Sensate device in 2018, UK technology startup BioSelf Technology announces the launch of its next-generation, Sensate II device, which goes on sale on 5 May 2020.

This stress-busting wearable device was created to deliver the health benefits of meditation, but without the need for years of practice. It also helps reduce stress-related ailments including sleep problems, heart conditions, obesity and other preventable health issues in just a 10-minute session, daily.

Designed to regulate the nervous system and tone the vagus nerve – the neural superhighway that connects the brain to the gut, Sensate II calms the “fight, flight, freeze” emergency response provoked by stress.

Stefan Chmelik, founder of BioSelf Technology and creator of Sensate, explains: “Stress and mental health issues are a 21st-century health crisis, with around 300 million people globally suffering from depression and anxiety.

10 minutes of deep relaxation is like a super-charged power nap as Sensate’s infrasound is designed to ‘massage’ the vagus nerve with precise vibrations that soothe and calm the user, from the first session”.

Developed and tested in a Harley Street clinic over the last three years, Sensate II has a 98% positive patient outcome. Perfect for home or office use, it works best in a quiet space and is compact enough to use anywhere when you just need to relax. While modern life may have changed the nature of stress, Sensate is a shortcut to ultimate relaxation.

Following the sellout prototype Sensate’s introduction in 2018, Sensate II’s upgrades include:

  • Improved ergonomic design builds on the already classic ‘pebble’ concept.

  • An entirely new way to transmit “felt sound” in the low-frequency register into the human body, with the totally redesigned engine.

  • Prototype Sensate achieved single-frequency sound, while Sensate II has been upgraded to create multi-layer frequency, boosting impact and nuance.

  • 800% increase in battery life

Users of 1,000 prototype Sensate devices report:

  • Feeling instantly relaxed

  • Improved deep sleep (tracked with a sleep tracker)

  • Lower resting heart rate and heart palpitations

  • Improved blood pressure readings

  • Better stress management

  • Reduced anxiety and depression levels

  • Feeling happier

  • A profound calming effect

  • Improved focus

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