Today Body Vision Medical, a medical device company specializing in augmented real-time imaging, artificial intelligence and intra-body navigation, announced they received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to market their LungVision Tool.

The company reports this approval clears the way for Body Vision Medical to accelerate commercialization efforts for its revolutionary LungVision Platform for pulmonary specialists across the U.S., providing an affordable and effective real-time solution for early-stage lung cancer diagnostics and treatment procedures.

The LungVison Imaging and Navigation System was cleared by the FDA in May 2017 and has been successfully used in over 290 clinical procedures in 10 leading lung cancer centers across the U.S.

Krish Bhadra, MD from CHI Memorial Hospital reported: “Body Vision has pioneered a new generation platform for Navigation Bronchoscopy that applies augmented reality approach to plan, visualize, and accurately track radiolucent bronchial nodules in real time.” He adds, “LungVision navigation tool has clear performance and cost benefits over current navigation tools that are bound to electro-magnetic sensing.”

Body Vision CEO Dorian Averbuch added, “We are thrilled to introduce the LungVision Tool to the medical community and patients. This FDA clearance paves the way for the LungVision Platform to become the preferred choice in bronchoscopy for any Lung Cancer Center in the U.S. We envision, this affordable LungVision Platform will revolutionize the way physicians diagnose and treat peripheral lung lesions.”

The clinical experience from multicentral study with the LungVision System will be presented at the American Thoracic Society Conference, held through May 18-23 in San Diego during session #C110- Interventional Pulmonology: “The swiss army knife for thoracic oncology”, by Michael Pritchett, MD, Moore Regional Hospital;  Krish Bhadra, MD, CHI Memorial Hospital and Pertzov Barak, MD, Rabin Medical Center on May 22, 2018 from 2:15-4:15 pm ET. Come visit Body Vision Medical booth #262