Bracco Imaging acquires SurgVision

Bracco Imaging S.p.A., a leading global company in diagnostic imaging, today announced the acquisition of SurgVision, a high-tech start-up focused on developing a real-time Fluorescence Image Guided Surgery platform combining targeted imaging agent and a device for efficient tumors visualization during oncology surgical procedures.

The company reports as surgery remains the primary curative option for most solid cancers, a predominant challenge for surgeons during these procedures has been the limitations of visual inspection and digital palpation to distinguish tumors from healthy tissue. Fluorescence Image Guided Surgery represents an innovative intra-operative optical technique aimed at assisting surgeons in distinguishing tumors from surrounding tissue, using a combined infrared camera and contrast agent approach. In this context, SurgVision’s innovative targeting solution is expected to provide significant improvements versus competing modalities and products, due to the extremely advanced features of its optical camera and the very sensitive targeting performance of its new imaging agent.

Regarding the acquisition, Fulvio Renoldi Bracco, Chief Executive Officer at Bracco Imaging said, “With the acquisition of SurgVision, one of the most advanced companies in a very promising field, we intend to address a relevant, unmet medical need for oncology patients who have to undergo tumor removal surgery.”  He went on to say, “SurgVision platform expands our imaging solutions for healthcare professionals in oncology and reinforces our long-lasting commitment to patient care.”

“The investment in Surgvision provides Bracco Imaging with key competencies and technologies strategically adjacent to our core business,” said Micol Fornaroli, Chief Strategy Officer at Bracco Imaging “and, at the same time, will accelerate the development of the projects currently in scope of our Research and Development efforts.”

Ton van den Hoven, Chief Executive Officer at SurgVision reported, “The acquisition of SurgVision by Bracco is a vote of confidence for the field of fluorescence image- guided surgery and for the achievements so far by the SurgVision team.”  He ended, “The expertise and commitment from Bracco will allow SurgVision to continue developing a solution that delivers on the potential of important clinical benefits for patients.”