Bruker Corporation
Bruker Introduces New High Performance Preclinical PET/CT Si78 System (Medical Device News Magazine)

September 14, 2018:

Bruker Corporation announced today the introduction of the new preclinical PET/CT Si78 scanner for whole-body molecular imaging at the World Molecular Imaging Congress.  The company reports it combines Bruker’s novel PET and outstanding micro-CT technologies in a single scanner operated by the multi-modality imaging software platform ParaVision™ 360.

Bruker Corporation notes the PET/CT Si78 is addressing the latest needs of preclinical imaging scientists by combining homogeneous sub-millimeter PET spatial resolution over a large field of view (FoV) with minimal X-ray radiation dose. The whole-body micro-CT scan times can be shorter than seven seconds, which is important for animal welfare.

Sonica van Wyk, Bruker’s Market Product Manager for Nuclear Molecular Imaging, stated: “The outstanding PET performance and very low dose CT of the Si78, combined with the ease of use and integrated workflow ensure data accuracy and reproducibility, which are key for multi-modal research labs.”

Dr. Michael Heidenreich, Bruker’s Preclinical Nuclear Molecular Imaging VP, commented: “With the introduction of the PET/CT Si78, we have achieved a major milestone in our strategy to extend our portfolio with sophisticated multimodal imaging solutions. By combining the best technologies and software platform, we are enabling the molecular imaging community to conduct better research, leading to new translational discoveries. Functional, structural and metabolic assessments are now becoming easier. The PET/CT Si78 has already demonstrated excellent results in oncology, neurology, cardiovascular, lung and bone imaging.”