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First Implantation Of SPIRA®-O Open Matrix OLIF

The SPIRA®-O is a deliberately designed implant with a straight in-line insertion taking advantage of a natural corridor for an oblique, anterior to psoas, approach while the patient is in a lateral position. 

Camber Spine Announces 510(k) Approval Of ENZA™-A Titanium ALIF

6/4/18: Daniel Pontecorvo, CEO, said, "ENZA™-A leverages two of Camber Spine's highly innovative platform technologies. The vast interest and success of our first generation ENZA™ (PEEK) with Duo Presa™ (Two Grips) anchor technology and our line of SPIRA™ products with Surface By Design™, inspired us to combine their defining attributes to create this next generation ENZA™-A Titanium ALIF."

Camber Spine Technologies Announces Exceeding the 150th Implantation of ENZA™ Zero-Profile ALIF

Camber Spine Technologies, today announced that they have exceeded 150 implantations of the ENZA™ Zero-Profile ALIF device that was launched last July. "We have been doing anterior spine reconstructions for over 20 years and have used a lot...

Camber Spine Technologies Appoints Two New Area Sales Directors

Camber Spine Technologies, a medical device company focused on designing, developing and commercializing innovative and proprietary musculoskeletal implant systems, announced the appointment of two new Area Sales Directors to its sales team, Gant Newsom and Doug Wyciskalla....