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Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center Reports An Emirati Child Restores His Functions Successfully After a Serious Injury

14-year-old Abdullah was initially diagnosed with intervertebral disc disorder with radiculopathy and was morbidly obese. After undergoing Spinal Cord Surgery at an Abu Dhabi hospital, Abdullah found that his movement was severely limited.

He turned to Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center for a holistic rehabilitation plan of action tailored to address not just the weakness in his lower limbs and poor motor function but his entire quality of life.

The spine is a complex structure that is integral to the movement, standing, and walking. Unfortunately, patients may develop complications post-spinal surgery. CMRC provides post-acute rehabilitation services for these patients of all ages.

Upon admission to Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center Al Ain branch in late 2021, Abdullah entered a program specifically curated for the rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries and post-surgeries cases, to help him regain the ability to move freely and independently. The Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center team developed the plan revolving around Abdullah resuming school and eventually being able to pursue his life’s ambitions fully. An interdisciplinary clinical team comprised of highly-trained physiatrists and therapists supported Abdullah during every step, which made him feel at home.

“Unfortunately, there were some lingering effects after my back surgery – I was not able to walk after the surgery,” said Abdullah. “I came to Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center and underwent a rehabilitation plan. Thank God, now I can walk again. Thank God and thanks for the support of CMRC’s amazing team. Thank you.”

After 207 days, Abdullah completed the unique program, which consisted of Occupational Therapy to regain the ability to practice his activities of daily living and Physiotherapy to strengthen weakened muscles that were limiting his movement and requiring him to need continuous assistance.

“The teenage Abdullah experienced a pressure incident on his spinal cord, which resulted in movement restrictions after his surgery,” said Dr. Osama ElHassan, treating physician at CMRC. “He was admitted to Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center and enrolled in an intensive rehabilitation plan that consisted of Occupational & Physical Therapy. Through this program, he was able to regain his movement capacity, Al hamdullelah.”

The success of CMRC’s best evidence-based practices is demonstrated by results such as a total Functional Independence Measure (FIM) score improvement of more than 30 points upon discharge and a patient satisfaction rate of 91%.

Dr. Howard Podolsky, Group Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center is humbled and privileged to provide innovative and restorative care to patients such as Abdallah. Our comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to patient care is testimony to our unyielding commitment to improving the quality of life for each and every patient we encounter. ”

Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center (CMRC), is the leading GCC Rehabilitation and Long-Term Care provider ensuring a “continuum of care” to its patients, with three locations in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates, and its newest facility in Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center (CMRC) considers a patient’s goals, personal growth, and condition when developing patient-centric, individualized treatment plans to ensure success.

At CMRC, a patient’s journey is not just about the therapy. It is a varied experience that includes recreational activities that result in positivity and motivation for patients to reintegrate into society and embrace life. Abdullah is one example of patients – and their families – benefiting from the enriched rehabilitative journey at CMRC.

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