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    AcuFocus’ Groundbreaking IC-8® Lens for Cataracts Delivers Visual Freedom for a Scottish Plumbing Contractor

    12/12/17: Cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures performed in the UK with more than 300,000 done each year and more than 25 million cataract procedures performed worldwide. Today, AcuFocus, Inc., is revolutionizing cataract surgery in the UK with the IC-8 lens, an advanced extended depth-of-focus intraocular lens (IOL) using small aperture technology for cataracts, to deliver a clearer range of vision from near to far and greater freedom from glasses.

    KAMRA® Corneal Inlay Helps College Administrator End Her Blurry Near Vision and Dependence on Reading Glasses

    A small aperture solution for the 114 million presbyopic Americans In an effort to clear the blur, AcuFocus, Inc., has developed an advanced solution to...