Thursday, January 23, 2020
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    Publication of Study Validating Use of MammaPrint and BluePrint Molecular Diagnostics using Targeted RNA Next-Generation Sequencing Technology

    MammaPrint and BluePrint Molecular Diagnostics using targeted RNA Next-Generation Sequencing technology has been published in the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics.

    New Studies Show MammaPrint® and BluePrint® Tests Provide Greater Clarity Regarding Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence and Classifications for Treatment

    12/7/18: BluePrint reclassified 85 percent of tumors identified as HER2-amplified by IHC/FISH to non-HER2 molecular subtype and clarified the biology of HER2 "equivocal" breast cancer. 46 percent of women under 50 years of age with an intermediate recurrence score identified as MammaPrint Low Risk enabling greater certainty in treatment management approaches