Monday, January 20, 2020
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    ARANZ Medical’s Silhouette System Deployed in Western Australia

    Dr Olufemi Oshin, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Clinical Director, Clinical Operations Royal Perth Bentley Hospital Group says, "The foot and leg ulcers that can develop with diabetes are hard to treat without regular assessments and tracking the patient's care. Silhouette enables us to much more accurately track wound healing progress and deliver community based care; something that is extremely important to the Aboriginal population. With Silhouette we are aiming to reduce the serious implications of diabetes, such as amputations, and really improve the quality of life for people with diabetes across Western Australia."

    ARANZ Medical Raises NZ$5mil New Equity Financing

    12/18/18: ARANZ Medical Silhouette system automates the imaging, measurement and documentation of skin conditions, including chronic wounds.

    ARANZ Medical’s Pedigree in Clinical Trials Makes Silhouette(R) the Obvious Choice for New Research

    ARANZ Medical's reports their Silhouette skin imaging and measuring solutions have powered more than 100 clinical trials since 2007, and are proving to be...