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New Report Quantifies Hospitals’ IoT and IoMT Cybersecurity Risk

Asimily, an Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) risk management platform, today announced the availability of a new report: Total Cost of Ownership Analysis on Connected Device Cybersecurity Risk. The full report highlights the unique cybersecurity challenges that healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) face and the true costs of their IoT and IoMT security risks. HDOs have a low tolerance for service interruptions to network-connected devices and equipment because of their crucial role in patient outcomes and quality of care. Resource-constrained HDO security and IT teams continue to face operational difficulties in sufficiently securing critical systems from...

Stay One Step Ahead: 5 Ways to Monitor Cyber Threats

Cybersecurity has become an increasingly crucial concern in today's digital age, where technology drives our daily lives. The rapid evolution of cyber threats demands a proactive approach to protect sensitive data and ensure the security of businesses and individuals. One essential aspect of cybersecurity is cybersecurity threat monitoring, which involves closely monitoring potential risks and vulnerabilities. You can enhance your organization's resilience against cyber threats by staying vigilant and employing effective monitoring techniques. This article will explore five ways to monitor cyber threats effectively and stay one step ahead of potential attacks. Implement Real-Time Threat Intelligence: Organizations must harness the power...

Steps to Improve Cybersecurity On Your Connected Medical Devices

Connecting medical devices to a hospital network can offer many benefits, such as access to more timely and convenient patient care. Read to learn more.

A Brief Overview Of Healthcare Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a paramount concern for the healthcare sector - especially in light of recent cyberattacks and data breaches. In addition to being home to vast amounts of highly valuable data, healthcare organizations also possess unique vulnerabilities due to their enduring reliance on technology. Cybercriminals exploit these weaknesses by engineering sophisticated strategies that allow them to compromise various medical systems, applications, networks, and assets - putting sensitive patient information and confidential details at risk. As technologies become more advanced, the need for advanced cybersecurity measures increases as well. By developing more effective security procedures and fortifying the existing protection walls...

CynergisTek Signs Six-Figure Extension Contract with Nationally Ranked Hospital

“I have no doubt that this will continue to be a strong partnership with this client, and we are pleased to expand on offering our custom staffing remediation services,” said Mac McMillan, President, and CEO of CynergisTek.

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