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The Annals of Thoracic Surgery Published In Vivo Study Concludes Hemovent’s MOBYBOX™ ECLS Device Provides “Excellent (Long-Term) Safety and Physiologic Efficacy”

Hemovent reports the study concluded that Hemovent’s MOBYBOX ECLS device “provides excellent safety and physiologic efficacy in a 7-day (long-term) sheep experiment without visible clotting, hemolysis, or sustained reductions in fibrinogen or platelets.”

Successful in vivo Pilot Study of MOBYBOX™ by Minnesota Resuscitation Consortium (MRC), Which is Developing a ‘Super Ambulance’ Equipped to Advance Cardiac Arrest Treatment

4/1/19: “I’m not sure I’m even going to call them ‘ambulances’,” says MRC Director, Dr. Demetri Yannopoulos. “They’re more like an emergency department substation that’s mobile. I believe the MOBYBOX system’s small size and mobility make it the ideal ECMO device for super ambulances.”

Completion of GLP Standardized in vivo Trial for Long-Term Use of Its Next-Gen ExtraCorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) System Mobybox™ Produces “Stunning Results” Reports Hemovent

7/19/18: “We are extremely pleased by our study results, which we will use for the basis of a CE mark registration submission this year as well as our subsequent FDA submission,” said Christof Lenz, a co-founder and CEO of Hemovent.

Hemovent Files Two Additional Patent Applications for its Portable ECMO Device for Both Circulatory and Respiratory Support

Company notes Hemovent’s ECMO system is designed for superior blood-handling and more consistently superior patient outcomes compared to standard ECMO.