IAI Announces Medical Assist ELECYLINDER Series

The main features are easy operation, AVD (acceleration/speed/deceleration) that can be adjusted individually, and high performance.

IAI Announces Medical Assist 6-axis Cartesian Robots

IAI reports the 6-axis robot design is excellent for high speed and accurate pick-and-place operations. With 6 degrees of freedom combining 3 Cartesian and 3 rotational axes, operations with a high level of freedom are possible, including rotation and turning.

IAI Announces Medical Assist SCARA Robots

The SCARA design is optimal for high speed and accurate pick-and-place operations, and the IXP robots are available with an ISO 4 cleanroom rating.

IAI Proudly Introduces TAA Tabletop Series Robots

TTA Tabletop Series robots: The accessible tabletop design provides an affordable "in-office" option for efficient and accurate patient testing and diagnosis.

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Founded in Shimizu, Japan in 1976, Intelligent Actuator Incorporated (IAI) has over forty years of experience in the design and manufacture of customized medical and industrial robotics. Built on “Quality and Innovation,” IAI is a leader in...