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CMS Approves SINUVA® Sinus Implant for Reimbursement with New C-Code and Pass-Through Payment Status

SINUVA is a non-surgical, corticosteroid-eluting implant for the treatment of nasal polyps in adult patients who have had ethmoid sinus surgery.

Intersect ENT Announces Launch of SINUVA™ Sinus Implant, a New In-Office Treatment Option for Recurrent Nasal Polyps

4/2/18: The new treatment is clinically proven to reduce polyps and symptoms of nasal congestion.

Intersect ENT Announces FDA Approval of SINUVA™ Sinus Implant, a New In-Office Treatment Option for Recurrent Nasal Polyps

12/11/17: Intersect ENT, Inc. today announced that it has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the SINUVA™ (mometasone furoate) Sinus Implant, a new targeted approach to treating recurrent nasal polyp disease in patients who have had previous ethmoid sinus surgery.

Presentation of a Meta-Analysis From Two Randomized Studies Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of SINUVA™, an Investigational Steroid Releasing Sinus Implant Announced by Intersect ENT

Intersect ENT, Inc. (NASDAQ: XENT), announced presentation of a meta-analysis from two randomized studies evaluating the safety and efficacy of SINUVA™, an investigational steroid releasing sinus implant. The two studies evaluated the sinus implant in patients with recurrent...

Intersect ENT Announces PDUFA Date for Office-Based SINUVA™ Steroid Releasing Sinus Implant

Lisa Earnhardt, president and CEO of Intersect ENT, “The SINUVA implant offers the potential to provide a less invasive and more cost-effective solution, performed easily in the doctor’s office, for patients suffering from persistent chronic sinusitis.  She went...