Sunday, November 17, 2019
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    MR Solutions’ Preclinical Imaging Systems

    The introduction of liquid helium free, high-end MRI systems by MR Solutions substantially reduces the environmental impact when compared to competitor units.

    MR Solutions’ Liquid Helium Free PET-MRI System Firmly on the Agenda at WMIC

    MR Solutions’ latest PET-MR imaging system for molecular research provides dual scanning capability which significantly improves the quality of the images and the length of time normally taken to conduct separate imaging studies.

    Game Changer: PET-MR Systems and Large Bore 7T Cryogen Free MR Technology

    Fabrice Chaumard, Sales and Marketing Director of MR Solutions said: “It was very gratifying to not only have great interest from new customers but report backs from existing customers on the quality of the images, the stability and robustness of the technology.”

    MR Solutions’ High-Field Multi-Modality, Cryogen-Free MRI System on Display at EMIM

    2/26/19: MR Solutions, the only company to have an installed base of cryogen-free MRI scanners, continues to both broaden their range and power, up to 9.4 Tesla as well as developing a state of the art PET/SPECT/CT range with compatible cradles to speed-up and minimise handling.

    MR Solutions Shows New State-of-the-Art Bench top CT Preclinical Scanner with Clip on PET and SPECT at Nuclear Medicine Congress

    MR Solutions continues to expand its range of preclinical scanners with the first showing of its elegant bench top CT scanner. The scanner which...

    MR Solutions Installs Hawaii’s First Preclinical MRI Imaging System

    7/16/18: Professor Kevin Bennett at the University of Hawaii is the primary researcher on the project and has developed a unique contrast agent for use with the MRI system. Using Professor Bennett’s contrast agent his team are working on tracking changes within the kidney to see how the disease starts which will enable patients to receive earlier treatment. He said: “This is a much needed resource to help detect kidney disease within the Hawaiian population – with a view to making it a thing of the past or at least reduce the likelihood of getting the disease.”

    MR Solutions Expands Preclinical Scanner Range with State of the Art CT Scanners

    4/26/18: Dr David Taylor, founder and Chairman of MR Solutions commented, “As with all of our innovation this was prompted and discussed with the world leaders in preclinical scanning. Their number one requirement is having the highest resolution but particularly important is the interchangeability of the various scanning modalities and the ability to have common carriers for rapid transfers.”

    2017 Saw Record Sales for MR Solutions’ Preclinical Scanners

    4/10/18: MR Solutions remains the only company to have an installed base of cryogen-free superconductive, preclinical, MRI multi-modality scanners.