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Oncimmune Signs Commercialization Partnership In Russia

This commercial partnership with R-Pharm is for an initial term of five years and will generate revenues of at least £5 million, including milestone payments of £2.75 million during this period. R-Pharm will commercialize EarlyCDT Lung in both lung cancer screening and nodule risk assessment in the region.

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New Study Validates Rigorous Safety Measures Needed To Reduce Mercury Exposure During Dental Amalgam Filling Removal

"For decades, our non-profit organization has been concerned about this issue and collected research about amalgam fillings, all of which contain approximately 50% mercury, a known neurotoxin," explains IAOMT President Michael Rehme, DDS, NMD.  "Based on this science, we have strongly recommended that safety measures be enacted for dental procedures involving these silver-colored fillings, and we have also intensely advocated for the end of dental amalgam usage."