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The Spex LP- Lowest Profile Shapeable Reinforced Support Catheter By Reflow Medical

The Spex LP (Low Profile) 0.014 and 0.018-inch reinforced support catheters by Reflow Medical is engineered to provide the lowest profile tip for accessing and crossing the tightest and most complex lesions with a supportive system.

Reflow Medical Receives Approval in Japan for the Wingman Catheter to Cross Chronic Total Occlusions in Peripheral Artery Disease

The company has partnered with Century Medical, Inc. (CMI), a leading medical device distributor based in Tokyo, to introduce the Wingman CTO Catheter in Japan.

Reflow Medical Enrolls First Patients in the DEEPER LIMUS Study of the Temporary Spur Stent System

The OUS single-center clinical trial (NCT04162418) is expected to enroll up to 30 participants and last approximately six months. It will follow primary and secondary endpoints for safety and efficacy.

First Patients Enrolled in DEEPER OUS Spur Stent Trial

DEEPER OUS is a 100-patient prospective, non-randomized, multicenter trial designed to assess the safety and efficacy of the Temporary Spur Stent System compared to a meta-analysis of published data for percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) in treating patients with infrapopliteal disease.

Reflow Medical Wing-IT IDE CTO Clinical Trial

ReFlow Medical reports eighty-five patients with advanced peripheral artery disease enrolled in the Wing-IT IDE CTO Clinical Trial. The Wingman Crossing Catheter uses an extendable beveled tip that creates a channel to help penetrate, or cross, the occlusion.

First Patients Enrolled the Wing-IT IDE Clinical Trial

3/13/18: A Non-Randomized Study Evaluating the Use of the Reflow Medical Wingman Catheter to Cross Chronic Total Occlusions in Infrainguinal Peripheral ArTeries