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Why BioTech Field Needs the Help of Software

Software Humanity aims to improve daily lives since the beginning of time. In the early ages, our ancestors are continuously innovating products to make things...

How Software Can Help the Healthcare Industry

Software: The integration of technology has significantly helped many industries. Software has been deployed in many industries. This has helped automate repetitive procedures, therefore,...

Explorer Live, a Unique Sales Training Platform with Remote Case Observation Feature Launches

This tool allows sales teams to make a key part of training - observing real cases they will be a part of one day - and take it completely remote. Something never done pre-pandemic.

Explorer Surgical Expands into Robotic Surgery to Shorten Steep Learning Curve in Procedures

Explorer Live is first to provide a cockpit view of what occurs in real-time during surgery and captures data for improvement.

ExplORer Surgical Launches Secure Video Conferencing to the OR and Procedure Suites for Remote Case Support

The platform is the first to securely offer all of the key features for virtual meetings and communication that has become expected in the remote work world in a platform for surgery.

ExplORer Surgical Launches New Remote Case Support Features, Updating Real-Time Audio, Video and Data Collection Capabilities

ExplORer Surgical points out that remote case support is increasingly critical due to COVID-19, where strict regulations limit travel and the number of personnel in the operating room.

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