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Telemedicine Business – How to Setup and Stay Afloat

Telemedicine business is not as complicated as many people may think. It is all about taking advantage of the modern technology and incorporating it in the health sector. The most important thing is finding the right telemedicine business software, which you can get through a reliable developer.

Adapting to the “New Normal”: Timur Yusufov Discusses Building Resilient Healthcare Services Post-Pandemic

Timur Yusufov explains the importance of developing resilient healthcare services post-pandemic and how this can be achieved with the right strategies and new technological advancements.

How Can Offering Telehealth Help My Patients?

One of the best ways to keep up with modern trends in medicine is...

Hicuity Health Partner Expands Its Relationship with Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center

"As a tele-ICU partner, we have been impressed by Hicuity Health's support and collaborative approach. The expansion of our relationship to include telemetry services is a direct result of our years of experience with Hicuity. Simply put, we wanted to ensure that we were working with a team that would be an expert partner to our clinical team," Sandra Miller, SBL VP Patient Care Continuum, CNO, said.

How Doctors Can Ensure Their Video Feed Looks Great During a Virtual Medicine Appointment

In order for virtual visits to go well, the doctor's video feed needs to be impeccable.

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