The Wound Pros Introduces WP Supply to Facilitate Timely Delivery of Wound Care Dressing: Ensures Advanced Wound Care Dressings Are Delivered Within 48 Hours

The Wound Pros "WP Supply" system ensures that advanced wound care dressings are delivered within 48 hours

Daniel Yeager Appointed New Senior V.P. of Market Development Of The Wound Pros

Daniel Yeager is a business professional with a vast amount of experience in sales, marketing, training, business development, and strategic planning.

RAND Corporation 2020 Report Finds: Silver-nylon Dressing May be a Useful Strategy in Preventing Infections While Providing Prolonged Care of Burn Injuries

The report highlights evidence about the antimicrobial properties of SILVERLON dressings as critical to infection prevention after burn or blast injuries,” said LTC Julie Rizzo, MD, FACS, burn and trauma surgeon for the U.S. Institute of Surgical Research. “Because evacuation is not always immediately possible, SILVERLON is ideal for managing burn injuries in prolonged field care settings.”

GenAssist Signs Agreement with Patient Alerting Logistics to Track Its Implantable Musculus Wound Matrix

Patient Alerting Logistics notes following successful animal testing, the innovative matrix is pursuing FDA De Novo classification as a novel device, establishing a new 510k category.

Patient Alerting Logistics Launches Medical Device Tracking and Critical Healthcare Messaging Service

October 29, 2020 Patient Alerting Logistics today announced the commercial launch of its revolutionary digital communications platform connecting the complete healthcare ecosystem for crucial near real-time messaging for medical devices and other critical healthcare issues. Patient Alerting Logistics reports...

ExtriCARE USA Launches Innovative Medical Device Company, Offering Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Solutions

The company is fostering the future of healthcare with wound care technologies that improve patient outcomes, help clinicians with efficiency and reduce overall costs.

Expansion of Topical Wound Oxygen (TWO2) Product Family

AOTI notes the addition of a new larger extremity-chamber to the company's peripheral vascular disease-focused product line, allows for the application of TWO2 treatments for many more patients suffering from costly nonhealing chronic wounds.

AVITA Therapeutics States 1st Patient Enrolled in Pivotal Study Evaluating the RECELL System for Repigmentation of Stable Vitiligo

AVITA Therapeutics Chief Executive Officer, “The initiation of the vitiligo clinical study is a milestone in advancing AVITA Therapeutic’s pipeline to leverage the utility and full potential of our innovative RECELL technology platform to address unmet medical needs in dermatological applications.