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Zavation Medical Products Launches Z-Span Expandable Anterior And Lateral Lumbar Plates

The Z-Span Plate System is intended to provide immobilization and stabilization as an adjunct to fusion in skeletally mature patients. 

Zavation Medical Products Launches Cortical Screw

The Cortical Screw is the latest addition to Zavation's portfolio. The cortical screw is designed to achieve greater cortical bone purchase with a smaller midline incision when using Cortical Bone Trajectory.

Facet Screw and Sacroiliac Screw Systems Launched by Zavation

8/14/18: Jeffrey Johnson, Zavation CEO, stated, "We are excited about receiving 510K approvals for the Facet Screw System and the SI Joint Screw System. The facet screw serves as a fusion and fixation system all-in-one, it makes for an efficient procedure. Both the Facet Screw System and SI Joint Screw System allows for surgeon preference which optimizes flow and functionality in the OR."