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Zavation Medical Products Launches Z-Span Expandable Anterior And Lateral Lumbar Plates

The Z-Span Plate System is intended to provide immobilization and stabilization as an adjunct to fusion in skeletally mature patients. 

Zavation Medical Products Launches Cortical Screw – Latest Portfolio Addition

The Cortical Screw is the latest addition to Zavation's portfolio. The cortical screw is designed to achieve greater cortical bone purchase with a smaller midline incision when using Cortical Bone Trajectory.

Facet Screw and Sacroiliac Screw Systems Launched by Zavation

8/14/18: Jeffrey Johnson, Zavation CEO, stated, "We are excited about receiving 510K approvals for the Facet Screw System and the SI Joint Screw System. The facet screw serves as a fusion and fixation system all-in-one, it makes for an efficient procedure. Both the Facet Screw System and SI Joint Screw System allows for surgeon preference which optimizes flow and functionality in the OR."