Today, the CEO of Innovatus Imaging, Dennis Wulf, announced the creation of three Centers of Excellence that will drive the company’s ongoing development of new technology, products, and synergistic services around its core competencies of ultrasound probe repair, specialty probe design and manufacturing, MRI coil, and digital/computed radiography.

Centers of Excellence will be organized as follows and operate under the direction of Bill Kollitz, president and chief operating officer, Innovatus Imaging:

  • Ultrasound Transducer Repair Center of Excellence, headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • MRI and CR/DR Centers of Excellence, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Engineering, Testing, Regulatory Compliance and Manufacturing Center of Excellence, headquartered in Denver, Colorado

This move is a continuation of the Innovatus long-term strategy to combine knowledge and resources through the combination of three leading independent organizations, Bayer Multi Vendor Service, Wetsco and MD Medtech to accelerate advancements in design, manufacturing and service standards within the imaging industry.

“By organizing our talent around business lines, we can streamline operations and pass the efficiencies and savings on to providers, ultimately allowing them to better serve the diverse needs of patients,” Mr. Wulf said. “It’s all part of a bigger picture to improve health care processes and access for all parties involved.”

Across all modalities and locations, Innovatus’ approximately 175 leaders, scientists, engineers and customer-facing employees bring decades of knowledge and experience to its customers, helping them achieve financial and performance goals. With all three companies successfully integrated into one streamlined organization, Innovatus can now focus more resources on developing cutting edge solutions to deliver even more value and greater efficiencies to providers and patients.

“This new organization of our intellectual capital and business operations allows us the freedom to expand our capabilities to do more for the industry as a whole, serve health care providers better, and further develop innovative solutions and products for the present and future,” Mr. Kollitz said.

Executives leading the customer experience, service delivery and technology portfolio management for customers will be as follows:

•         Cam Conklin, vice president, Global Sales and Marketing

•         Matt Tomory, vice president, Ultrasound

•         Joseph Habovick, vice president, MRI

•         Tracy Schrecengost, vice president, Radiography and Europe Operations

In addition to locations in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Denver, Colorado, Innovatus has an operations and service center in Maastricht, the Netherlands.