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STALIF M FLX 3D-Printed ALIF Device Listed by SPINE Market Group as the Top ALIF 3D-printed Cage

FLX implants are 3D-printed porous titanium, meticulously engineered down to the cellular unit level to mimic bone.

New Patient Access Program to Expand Reimbursement Coverage for prodisc® L Lumbar Total Disc Replacement is Launched by Centinel Spine

"The Patient Access Program is here to provide patients the benefit of covered access to a motion-preserving technology clinically proven over the last 30 years," stated Centinel Spine CEO Steve Murray.

Tiger Woods: Reborn Patient Journey Video Is Released by Centinel Spine

Tiger Wood's first-hand account of his remarkable recovery from incapacitating back pain—directly resulting from his successful spinal fusion surgery through the support of Centinel Spine's technology.

Updated Guidelines Significantly Expand Patient Access to Centinel Spine’s prodisc® L Lumbar Total Disc Replacement

Centinel Spine's prodisc® L Lumbar Total Disc Replacement system shows a significant expansion to patient access. This represents an additional 9.2 million covered lives and is a result of an update to medical necessity guidelines by National Imaging Associates (NIA), a Magellan Health Company, to now include a positive coverage policy recommendation for lumbar TDR.

Centinel Spine and Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods underwent spinal fusion surgery using the Centinel Spine STALIF M-Ti™ product in April 2017 to alleviate ongoing, debilitating pain in his back and legs.

Centinel Spine® Announces IDE Approval of Two Different prodisc® C Devices

The clinical trial will compare the prodisc devices with an approved total disc replacement (TDR) product as a control in order to validate their safety and effectiveness.

Update on the Initial Cases Using the 4th System of FLX™ Platform of 3D-Printed All-Titanium Interbody Devices Within the Last 6 Months

1/16/19: The STALIF L FLX Lateral Lumbar Integrated Interbody System represents the fourth system of 3D-Printed All-Titanium devices to be launched by Centinel Spine within the last 6 months, in addition to the STALIF C FLX™ Cervical Integrated Interbody, ACTILIF C FLX™ Cervical Interbody, and STALIF M FLX™ Lumbar Integrated Interbody devices.