CollPlant a regenerative medicine company utilizing its proprietary plant-based rhCollagen technology for tissue repair products today announced the opening of a new rhCollagen production facility in Rehovot, Israel.

This 6,000 square foot cGMP facility was designed for purification of rhCollagen and formulation of end-products, including BioInks for 3D bioprinting and its proprietary tissue repair products. The facility includes clean rooms, logistic support areas, and dedicated production equipment to support the company’s production demand for the next few years.

Yehiel Tal, CEO of CollPlant commented: “The new facility will enable operational flexibility and cost reduction for the rhCollagen and end products. Consequently, we believe the new facility will enhance our competitiveness and profitability. Additionally, we expect this facility to serve for process development of new production technologies.”

The first production runs have been successfully completed, and validation is expected to take place during the second quarter of 2018.