The Court found in Cook’s favor on all of the plaintiff’s claims against the company related to the Gunther Tulip IVC Filter. The judgment in Cook’s favor means that no trial will be necessary.

“We are pleased with this outcome in the second bellwether case involving Cook’s IVC filters. This outcome is consistent with Cook’s verdict in the first bellwether trial,” said Mark Breedlove, vice president of the Vascular division at Cook Medical. “Our IVC filters are clinically successful devices that are critical to patient wellbeing. We are dedicated to providing life-saving treatment options for patients and will continue to vigorously defend our IVC filters in future trials.”

Physicians and companies like Cook worked together to develop vena cava filters to help patients and reduce the risk of deadly pulmonary embolisms. IVC filters are an important option for physicians working to prevent the estimated 100,000 deaths associated with pulmonary embolism each year in the U.S. Filter implantation is an important treatment option intended to help prevent life-threatening pulmonary embolisms.

Physicians choose to use IVC filters based on each patient’s need, knowing that every patient’s situation is different and individual factors and risks must be considered when evaluating treatment options.