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CoreLink Surgical Announces the Launch of FLXfit®15

9/21/18: “The FLXfit15 Interbody device offers the surface area contact and lordosis often desired in an ALIF procedure but obtained with a less complicated posterior approach – this implant is inserted as a PL, deploys as a TL, and expands to gain lordosis of up to 15 degrees. It saves me time, is less invasive and offers optimal sagittal balance correction. In my opinion, it’s the best posterior interbody cage on the market,” said Grant Skidmore MD, Neurosurgeon, Norfolk, VA.

CoreLink, LLC Announces 510(k) Clearance for Foundation™ 3D Anterior Lumbar

8/16/18: Jay Bartling, CEO, said, “The Foundation 3D ALIF demonstrates our increasing capabilities with 3D printing titanium alloy. We’re proud to have the largest ALIF cage footprint on the market, which will allow surgeons to maximize endplate contact area and hold up to 8cc’s of graft.”