Department of Defense Adds Lipogems to Their Arsenal

Premier Medical Technology Available To Order Through DAPA

Musculoskeletal injuries pose the greatest public health problem facing military service members during peacetime and combat. Musculoskeletal issues impact approximately 800,000 service members annually and are the greatest threat to military readiness and the primary reason for medical discharge.

The company Lipogems, is a leading global medical technology company. Today they announced that, through its partnership with Buffalo Supply, Inc., the Lipogems Sports Medicine System is now available within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to help over 2.3 million service members that may be suffering from orthopaedic and wound issues.

Lipogems is a premier FDA-cleared medical technology that uses the patient’s own adipose tissue (fat) and injects it into troubled areas to support the repair and healing of injured or damaged tissue.  The simple, minimally invasive procedure uses only a local anesthetic and can be performed in the clinic, on the field, or added to surgery. For veterans with multiple issues, the fat from one harvest can be used in multiple areas in the same setting. Through the Distribution And Pricing Agreement (DAPA), Lipogems is now available at over 60 hospitals and over 400 clinics, and 2 hospital ships (USNS Mercy, USNS Comfort).

“We are proud and honored to be helping our nation’s brave active military and veterans. Currently, Lipogems is being used by military physicians with great success to help those that have tried conservative options with limited relief for their orthopaedic issues and are not ready for major invasive surgery. DAPA provides better access to the DoD medical facilities and efficient means of supporting the military for their orthopaedic, wound, and burn issues. As a responsible company, Lipogems is supported by strong scientific and clinical evidence with over 70+publications in peer-reviewed journals from leading institutions from around the world. We would like to recognize and thank the Geneva Foundation for the MIRROR Study evaluating Lipogems for knee issues in active military patients and Brooke Army Medical Center for evaluating Lipogems for wound victims. Also, we would like to thank the multiple orthopaedic physicians that have donated the Lipogems procedure to retired Special Operations, veterans, and active military. Our veterans deserve the best access to healthcare and we are proud to help the heroic men and women who serve our country.” Said Carl Llewellyn, CEO, and President of Lipogems USA. Additional information available here.




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