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DermTech PLA Included in Peer Review Article of Novel Molecular Technologies for Melanoma Management with Potential to Address Current Gaps in Diagnostic Accuracy and Prognostication

Since its launch in 2016, the DermTech PLA, DermTech’s non-invasive adhesive patch test for melanoma detection, has been used to assess more than 50,000 lesions and remains the first and only non-invasive gene expression test in dermatology, providing objective genomic data to help guide clinical decisions.

DermTech Presents New Data on the Pigmented Lesion Assay

The data was presented at the Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Publication of “Gene Expression Analysis Differentiates Melanomas from Spitz Nevi”

5/7/18: Pediatric Spitz nevi pose significant diagnostic challenges to physicians and dermatopathologists with the current image-recognition based standard. In this clinical study, gene expression patterns of pigmented lesions from FFPE tissue block samples were investigated. PRAME gene expression was shown to be a valuable molecular aid to differentiate melanomas from Spitz nevi, a group of pigmented lesions that can be particularly difficult to assess in children and young adults.