The company reports the DMEhub™ replaces the burdensome inefficiency of a paper-driven process with an intelligent, easy-to-use online application that allows medical equipment orders to be processed in minutes, not days.

“Apria’s goal is to improve the overall experience for patients, prescribers and suppliers,” said Dan Starck, chief executive officer of Apria Healthcare Group, Inc. “By opening up the e-prescribing platform to the entire medical equipment industry, we aim to better serve all patients, regardless of their DME supplier.”

The DME industry needs a faster and more efficient way to process referrals and prescriptions due to the high percentage of orders that are submitted incorrectly the first time.

In fact, 46.3% of all DME orders are incomplete due to insufficient documentation, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Medicare Fee-for-Service 2016 Improper Payments Report.

DMEhub™ is designed to improve order accuracy and compliance. “High error rates lead to delays in equipment delivery,” said Ian Worden, vice president, product development of Apria Healthcare LLC. “By creating a smoother and simpler process, hospitals can discharge their patients faster, and patients can start benefiting from life-changing therapies sooner.”

The intuitive DMEhub™ workflow uses intelligent “if/then” logic to gather the documentation needed to support each patient’s specific order and makes it easy for prescribers to electronically sign their equipment orders. This reduces rework and time spent chasing missing paperwork.

In addition, DMEhub™ does not require any integration, so users can get started right away. However, users have the option to integrate the application with any workflow management system or other healthcare software and can connect to any electronic medical record (EMR) system to automatically pull patient demographic information directly into the platform.

Lastly, DMEhub™ provides users with a single source for tracking order status from submission to acceptance.

Hospitals, prescribers and DME suppliers are encouraged to visit to obtain additional information.