Dr. Americus Reed II joins Somatix Advisory Board

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Somatix announced the appointment of Dr. Americus Reed II to Somatix as an Advisory Board Member.

Dr. Americus Reed II
Dr. Americus Reed II

Somatix notes that Dr. Americus Reed II is an identity theorist and researcher in the field of marketing. He is the Whitney M. Young, Jr., Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, where he has served on the faculty for two decades. Dr. Reed’s primary research and consulting areas are in brand equity and identity loyalty.

Professor Reed’s research has been published in top-tier academic journals including the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Marketing Research and the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. His teaching interests include courses in Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, Marketing Management, Organizational Behavior and Social Psychology.

Somatix reports Professor Reed received his PhD from the University of Florida, and his MS and BA degrees from Georgia State University.

“The vision of Somatix is one I deeply identify with. When technology and data can be a force for good, to change lives, and make this world a better place, that is when I want to be involved. Somatix’s cutting edge gesture detection technology will create a water shed, game changing moment in the future of health care.”

Eran Ofir, CEO and co-founder of Somatix says, “Dr. Reed’s deep knowledge and proven experience in the areas of marketing, brand identity and consumer research will be of tremendous value to us as we commercialize our Remote Patient Monitoring platform, SafeBeing, in the US market”.

Dr. Charles Herman, President and Chief Medical Officer of Somatix, adds, “Having personally worked with Dr. Reed at Wharton, I am aware of the great value that he has added to firms across a multiplicity of industries and how valuable he will be in accelerating Somatix’s growth in the market.”

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