Neuromed reports that Dr. Lim is a widely-published leader in the neural engineering field, and has been at the forefront of the development and translation of brain-machine interfaces from scientific concept into clinical application. His work has a strong focus on the improvement of invasive and non-invasive neurostimulation approaches for treating unmet medical needs in hearing and other therapeutic areas. Dr. Lim is Associate Professor and Institute for Translational Neuroscience Scholar at the University of Minnesota, United States and will continue to oversee a number of activities at his SONIC (Sensory Optimization and Neural Implant Coding) Lab from his new base in Ireland.

Neuromed adds that Dr. Lim’s expertise complements Neuromod’s focus on developing and advancing non-invasive bimodal neuromodulation for tinnitus. Initially, Dr. Lim will focus on concluding Neuromod’s TENT-A tinnitus trial, currently taking place in Ireland and Germany. When complete, the TENT-A trial will have enrolled more than 500 patients. It is one of the largest randomized double-blind clinical trials conducted to date in tinnitus. Dr. Lim will apply his deep insight into the evolving neuroscience of tinnitus to completing the trial and in communicating the results to the global scientific and clinical communities. Over time, Dr. Lim will play a key role as the company advances towards international markets, including regulatory applications to the US Food and Drug Administration.  (Learn more about the trial here.

Dr. Ross O’Neill, CEO of Neuromod said: “Dr. Lim will continue to expand the therapeutic applications of Neuromod’s non-invasive neuromodulation platform to additional indications to meet the unmet needs of many patients. In addition, his strong ties to the global neuroscience and neuromodulation communities will be important to ensure that Neuromod’s clinical and scientific approach continues to robustly and conclusively build the evidence base to support widespread acceptance. We are excited that someone of Dr. Lim’s scientific integrity and global scientific connections has agreed to join Neuromod. We welcome Dr. Lim and his family as he settles in Ireland to take up this role.”