Pneuma Systems Names Dr Roxie Mooney, Global Leader in Healthcare Innovation Strategy, as Director

Pneuma Systems Names Dr. Roxie Mooney, Global Leader in Healthcare Innovation Strategy, as Director
Dr. Roxie Mooney, Healthcare Commercialization Strategist

Pneuma Systems Corporation (Pneuma), an emerging leader in the infusion therapy industry, today announced the appointment of Roxie Mooney, DBA to its Board of Directors. The company is appointing Dr. Mooney as it commercializes infusion innovations in a $20-billion infusion therapy market forecast to top $31 billion by 2030[1]. Pneuma is launching innovative solutions that will provide a seamless continuum of care for patients facing a complex array of infusion therapies.

Dr Roxie Mooney complements vast experiences in medical product development and manufacturing from Pneuma’s Board, including CEO Jeffrey Carlisle, Minivalve International (Netherlands) CEO Peter Nijland, and Scott Young, PhD, VP Venture & External Collaboration at West Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Mooney is a world-recognized expert in the science of disruptive technologies in healthcare. As the CEO of Legacy DNA and proponent of the works of the late Harvard Business School professor, author, and innovation pioneer Clayton Christensen, she has guided many emerging companies through the complex challenges of commercializing healthcare innovations. Dr. Mooney is the author of the Amazon #1 international best-selling book How Health Innovators Maximize Market Success, executive producer and host of The Health Innovators Podcast and Video Show, and a highly sought-after speaker at major industry events.

Transforming Infusion Care

Historically, infusion pump companies have failed to meet the dynamic set of clinical requirements throughout a patient’s infusion therapy journey. Pneuma is simplifying this journey with a series of integrated solutions for the delivery of intravenous fluids.

“Most companies say that they’re doing things that have never been done before. But once you look under the hood, you find they’re not necessarily doing anything to disrupt or innovate healthcare,” explained Dr. Mooney. “Pneuma is different. They’re truly disrupting the healthcare status quo by making infusion care easier and safer for patients and nurses.”

“Dr. Mooney adds vital skills to our Board,” said Pneuma CEO Jeffrey Carlisle. “We need an experienced guide as we introduce unprecedented innovation to one of the most important and prevalent procedures in healthcare. While our team has experience with dozens of innovations, Dr. Mooney has been involved with hundreds.”

“Commercializing a true healthcare innovation is incredibly complex. But we need a bold champion in healthcare that changes lives,” added Dr. Mooney. “Pneuma is that champion, with products and services that hold significant promise for enhanced infusion patient therapies and outcomes in the near future.”

Dr. Mooney holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree from Walden University with post-graduate studies at Harvard Business School.

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