Sunday, November 27, 2022

Dutch Ministry of Health Also Opts for Evone®by Ventinova from Eindhoven

Results of FCV® Equipped Ventilation Equipment Appears Promising

Ventinova Medical, a company based in Eindhoven, recently received good news concerning a substantial order for the delivery of Evone®, an innovative ventilation device, equipped with the FCV® technology patented by Ventinova, which controls both the supply and the exhaust of air during mechanical ventilation. The company states that this is a global first!

New Technology

The guiding principle for the design of Evone was to develop a device that is as effective as possible and that prioritizes the health and recovery of the patients. The company worked on this aspect for many years. Evone is based on Ventinova’s FCV ventilation technology. The significant clinical benefits of FCV have been demonstrated in several international clinical trials in recent years. Simply put, this device results in a strongly improved oxygen transfer, because the lungs remain open more effectively during the so-called expiratory phase (‘exhalation phase’). This minimizes lung damage as a result of ventilation and allows for a faster recovery. Evone can be life-saving, particularly for patients in a critical condition.

Superior Ventilation

Ventinova CEO Dirk van Asseldonk: ‘The market for ventilation equipment is incredibly dynamic at the moment. It is important not to lose sight of the crux of this application; at the moment, the crux is the ventilation of corona patients in ICUs, in critical condition. Due to the specific mechanism of the patented FCV technology, Evone allows us to offer superior ventilation for patients.”

He added, “We need to remain cautious about the conclusions, but initial experiences gained in the ventilation of COVID-19 patients appear to confirm that these patients recover more quickly than with conventional ventilation.”

In addition, van Asseldonk said, “Just last night we received a report of a very impressive case: the patient was initially so ill that he normally would not even be able to receive ventilation and instead he would have required a cardiopulmonary bypass machine. In this patient, the ventilation could already be phased out after six days of ventilation by Evone!” “An additional benefit is that ICU beds could be freed up more quickly. And the less time a patient spends on a ventilator, the better for the patient. This is an exceptionally positive development,” he concluded.

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