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Dynamic Technology Solutions Introduces a Self-Diagnostic Tool that Measures Product End-of-Life Risk Exposure

Dynamic's 10-Question "EOL Prep[SM]" Enables Companies to Evaluate and Strengthen Product End-of-Life Risk Management Capabilities

Dynamic Technology Solutions (Dynamic) announced today the introduction of its EOL PrepSM Self-Diagnostic, based on industry best practices, that provides insights into how well a company is managing risks associated with product End-of-Life (EOL).

Product End-of-Life planning is often the most critical phase of technology lifecycle management, particularly for complex businesses – such as medical device manufacturing – where the consequences of disruption or product failure can be significant.

End-of-life issues become a priority when an equipment manufacturer no longer produces, sells, or provides upgrades, fixes or other related services for essential technology hardware or software. Without advanced awareness and proper planning, these changes can make essential products or entire systems inoperable.

To address that need, and based on its deep experience in product EOL and lifecycle management, Dynamic has created the EOL PrepSM Self-Diagnostic, consisting of 10 questions that enable companies to:

  • Identify specific protections and vulnerabilities related to their product EOL exposure;
  • Understand the complete range of EOL best practices they should follow;
  • Prioritize the EOL capabilities that need to be established or improved;
  • Create a tailored action plan designed to reduce their EOL-related risks.

Dynamic’s CEO and President, Farida Ali, noted that, “For companies that do not have any EOL risk management disciplines in place, that task can seem complex and daunting. Conversely, for companies that do have relevant EOL-related processes and procedures, there is always the risk of operating with outdated or insufficient protections. In both cases, application of our EOL PrepSM  provides a fast and effective way to either design or strengthen an effective risk management strategy.”

Dynamic’s EOL PrepSM Self-Diagnostic is available on a complimentary basis to industry professionals on request, by clicking here. Dynamic’s product lifecycle management professionals welcome the opportunity to provide additional insights into use of its EOL self-diagnostic tool, and to answer any questions regarding the firm’s product lifecycle risk management capabilities.

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