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Tuesday, July 5, 2022



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EKKDA Announces Sales-Distribution Agreement with OCuSOFT Inc.

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EKKDA Research, LLC, an ophthalmic-focused research and development company based in Kingsland, Texas is pleased to announce a sales-distribution agreement has been reached with OCuSOFT Inc. Stacy Foster, EKKDA’s Chairman and the former Chief Business Officer for OCuSOFT®, made the announcement today.

According to Mr. Foster, given the established ophthalmic relationships both in ophthalmology and optometry, EKKDA’s research projects will be focused primarily on eye care.  There are, however, other opportunities in various fields including dermatology, urology, and neurology to name a few. The greater Austin area has become a hotbed of innovation in both technology and medicine according to Mr. Foster.  He also states, “Some of the early projects EKKDA is working on will be quicker to market so having a sales, marketing, and distribution partner like OCuSOFT® is a real plus. They have the respect of the eye care community with a long track record of service. I should know I spent 11 years with the company”.  Mr. Foster goes on to say that further announcements relating to projects underway will be made in due course.

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