ElectroMedical Technologies Extends International Reach for Bioelectronics with Mexico COFEPRIS Medical Device Certification

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The company notes the WellnessPro Plus Difference
  • Innovation for Pain Relief. ElectroMedical uses a proprietary technology, DeepPulse, to provide immediate and lasting pain relief. This same innovation prevents a known biological occurrence, accommodation, where the body adapts to specific treatments, diminishing treatment effectiveness over time. Accommodation occurs with most TENS devices.
  • Broad Treatment Application. WellnessPro Plus has the largest frequency range in its class and therefore has the broadest application for conditions that cause pain including cancer, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, neurological disorders, spinal cord injuries, joint and back pain.
  • Simple to Administer and Use. WellnessPro Plus is pre-programmed with more than 900 Autocodes, corresponding with specific conditions (e.g. Rheumatoid Arthritis). Users simply need to enter a desired code and press Start. Autocodes are complemented by iGuide software which provides intuitive instructions for device usage when programming is required.
  • Physician Integration. StimCard™, unique to ElectroMedical bioelectronics, allows physicians to create, backup and store personalized patient programs.
Family-owned and inspired, ElectroMedical Technologies has numerous physician and patient testimonials supporting its claims of being an effective alternative to drugs for managing pain from chronic disease and trauma pain. To learn more about bioelectronic medical therapy and the pain relief people have experienced using the WellnessPro and Wellness Pro Plus visit our website or blog.

ElectroMedical Technologies®, announced today its latest international certification, COFEPRIS, issued by the Mexico Health Authority for an approved medical device. ElectroMedical’s portable bioelectronic medicine device, WellnessPro Plus™, intended for consumers and healthcare professionals to manage chronic and acute pain, sold globally, can now be sold and distributed throughout Mexico. The COFEPRIS certification adds to the company’s list of international certifications including US FDA, European Union and Health Canada, and is consistent with the company’s international pedigree based on scientists from around the world. ElectroMedical is also current with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which specifies requirements for medical devices that consistently meet customer requirements and regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices.

“We are pleased to be adding Mexico COFEPRIS to our list of international certifications, in line with our mission for improving global wellness by relieving chronic and acute pain,” said Mathew Wolfson, founder and chief executive officer of ElectroMedical Technologies. “Globally, healthcare is shifting its focus towards alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, including bioelectronics, and ElectroMedical supports that shift with our WellnessPro Plus device and new products planned to extend our Wellness product line.”

The Mexico COFEPRIS certification is a continuing part of the company’s plans to grow the company, attract new distributors and roll out new products over the next 12-18 months. The company’s WellnessPro line of products represents the industry’s first intelligent portable bioelectronic platform, which unlike conventional TENS devices, delivers faster, lasting pain relief based on a proprietary DeepPulse™ technology. WellnessPro Plus is used by sports medicine, chiropractic, natural health, physiotherapy and pain management practitioners in the treatment of chronic and acute pain and is available directly from its website or through its international network of distributors. ElectroMedical is actively recruiting new distributors to support its growth.



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